I hope you are doing well with the November energies. I know some of us are going through a phase were we either need to reflect and go inside or feel like we have ended up in the wrong place and truly miss “home”. I have been through both phases only to shift into a more peaceful state again. Every time I miss “home” I put my awareness on the primary and infinite source and every time I feel more at peace again. I know I am being loved down here in my 3D home but also back “home” where my true origins are.

Over the past months I have spent a lot of time learning more about the matrix and its “programs” as I call them. It’s been an interesting journey and I have met new “messengers” along the way but also some more soul connections. As you know, I believe everybody has a message for me and everything and everyone brings an experience. Each experience has its purpose – mainly to learn and to remember to love unconditionally, no matter what. It feels like I have come full circle over the past year – always back to unconditional love :) What I had to learn this year is to understand what prevents us from giving and receiving unconditional love.

I would like you to take even just 5-10 minutes to sit down, close your eyes and imagine our planet earth as the Garden of Eden, because it was meant to be the Garden of Eden. How would you imagine that Garden? What would it look like?
Remove all technology from it. What would it look like if we were all the same? What would Earth look like if we had no religions? What would our Earth look like if we realized that the same blood flows through our bodies? What would our planet look like if there were no borders, no countries and we all spoke the same language? What would our planet look and feel like if we didn’t see skin colours but only beings of pure love and light?
How would Mother Earth feel if we used from her only what we truly needed rather than what our greed decided to take?

I would like you to imagine an amazing planet Earth, a beautiful, loving and warm pulsation of Gaia reminding us that we are part of her. I would like you to imagine that separation is an illusion. It does not exist and we all live in peace and harmony. Feel it in your heart, feel it in every cell of your body. There is no separation. Feel how we are all the same, how we are all connected and how we are all one. Just feel it. Feel the incredible amount of love that connects us all and that we all share for each other. Stay in that moment and feeling as long as you like and just be :)

Ask yourself: Why is it no like that on Earth? What truly happened with the Garden of Eden? Can we ever go back to it? The answer is, yes we can. It will happen when every single one of us is ready to awaken to the truth: separation is an illusion. If you wonder what ascension is about, then know, that I have just given you the answer. As long as humanity believes in separation and believes in the “ego” we cannot shift as a whole into the higher dimension. What is happening though is that slowly but surely more and more of us are experiencing the higher dimension and are going “beyond the veil” of separation. The matrix does keep pulling us back of course but the aim is to increasingly detach from the ego and from the illusion and to live your true essence of unconditional love and light.

For many it is difficult to believe that there are forces at work that not only created the separation but are putting a tremendous effort into keeping us separated on every single level. Remember, we are even “cutting cords” to separate! Over the past months I learnt through what extent those forces are going to keep us separated – even the lightworkers. Everything and truly think about it – absolutely everything in our lives is set up to keep us distracted and to keep our focus on the outside and from preventing us from going inside. Even lightworkers end up being distracted in so many ways and either their fear levels are being raised or their ego is being fed (we are all human down here!) – all in an attempt to keep us separated. Imagine what our world would look like if all lightworkers truly united and remembered their true essence and their purpose of the incarnation! Unfortunately many end up “cutting cords” as well. We are all connected and we are all one. Any lightworker who works with or for the true light will remember: the true light is forgiving and the true light is nothing but pure unconditional love and every single one of us is part of that true light and part of that unconditional love. However, in the matrix we are all part of a “program”. Always remember that!

All I can say is: it is free will. I have had some really challenging experiences over time even with my closest soul connections and I might say with them in particular. However, no matter how much I perceived in some moments that they hurt me – and it is up to me to believe that I am hurt (=ego!) – in the end I still love them. Everyone is as much part of me as I am of them.
This is a brief reminder: please remember, you are feeding into the collective consciousness with your words and actions.

If you would like to know more about the evolution of Planet Earth and the forces interfering then I can recommend the book “No more secrets no more lies” by Patricia Cori.

Countless healing techniques are available and the majority of them will claim it is the “be all and end all”. I have tried out several only to come to the conclusion that every single one has “a truth” in it and has its benefits but they tend to put the focus on the outside – on somebody else healing you. In that way you are constantly giving your power away. However, I still believe that we all need some assistance and energy boost from time to time, simply because we get stuck, tired and perhaps even exhausted from the lower density vibrational energies of the matrix. So, I am absolutely grateful for everyone who is volunteering as a channel for energy and sharing their unconditional love and light.

As I felt we needed to look more inside, I decided to create a new course called “primary healing” where we work directly with the primary and infinite source. The course will be constantly evolving. In the first level the focus is on YOU and on your own healing. You have the power to heal yourself. The other focus is to remember who you are and what your true essence is. You are an infinite being of unconditional love and light – everybody is. The course is about going inside (and beyond the veil) but it also aims at creating an awareness what prevents us from going inside. I encourage the course participants to see the love and light in everyone rather than what I call the “program”.
Everything the course participants do, every technique I share with them, every tool I give them, is used for their own healing, growth and for them to remember who they are and to reawaken their connection to the primary and infinite source. The energy that is created when we all connect at the same time is amazing but of course as we connect to the source we experience the oneness not only with the source but also with each other. I must admit I could spend the weekend just bathing in that oneness (the Garden of Eden…) and perhaps that’s what we’ll do some day :) Imagine though, what our world would be like and feel like if we all connected to the source and to each other. Well, we all are! It is just that we believe we are separated and through such beliefs we create a reality of separation rather than one of oneness. So I encourage you to stop believing that any of us is different from the other.

Level 2 of primary healing is then about being the channel for others and for the nurturing, loving and healing energy from the primary and infinite source. While I still practice hands-on healing I have also learnt through the Arcturian Healing method to just purely channel energy and not touch the client at all, which we do anyway when we send energy to somebody else. Remember the energy is intelligent and knows where to go and I have had such amazing experiences with that method.

At the end I would also like to share with you an experience I had with self-healing. Recently I had a sore throat. After spending hours on the ice-skating rink in the sunshine I came home and had a truly sore throat but also could no longer speak – not even whisper. As my family can tell you I was just making funny noises. I sat down and told myself: I can heal myself. I asked the source to project energy on my throat and I also used a method from the Arcturian healing to place energy specifically into the throat area. I then took a nap and let the energies work while I was resting. Within 2 hours I went from not being able to speak and a very sore throat to having my voice back and barely feeling any discomfort in my throat. 2 hours!
Imagine what I could have done instead: feel sorry for myself, take painkillers and end up with the doctor and possibly antibiotics.
And why the sore throat? I guess the true light was reminding me to ensure I speak my truth from the heart and not from the mind :)

Imagine what our world would look like if we understood that separation is an illusion, if we had no fears, no worries and no ego. If you want to create that reality and if you want to assist in creating the Garden of Eden, then start detaching from all of that and stop believing that true happiness can be found outside :) It is all inside :)

Unconditional love and light

Mirjana Power
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Cutting Cords

Today I would like to address the question of cutting cords as recently this topic has come up a few times. It has made me think of how often we believe that the easiest thing to do to get rid off a difficult relationship or experience is to cut our cords with that person (or with an experience we have had with that person). If we look at angel reading cards we will find cards telling us to “cut cords”. I don’t know if you have ever felt the need to do that and if you have tried to do it and come to realise that it is not that simple. If you look at the cords that you have with people you might know that they can be quite strong and healthy but also that they can be darkened and filled with impurities from the experiences we have had with another person. Imagine now, you are cutting that cord. What will happen? The cords might be just dangling afterwards still filled with impurities and being dark (my perception). Has that helped with your healing process? Maybe or maybe not. Why? Because in some way all the negative experiences connected to that person are still hanging on to you – and  the same applies to the other person.
Of course you can now start to heal that dangling cord and you might think it might be easier to heal it just that way, because at least the cord is cut and you no longer have an energetic  connection with that person.

I attended the Arcturian Healing class (level 1 and 2) with Gene Ang recently (absolutely worth attending – although Gene runs them mainly in the US but if you do get a chance to attend one, then don’t hesitate! He will be back in Zurich next year). Cutting cords was once again a topic. The suggestion was to perhaps instead of cutting cords we “incinerate” them. Certainly they would no longer be hanging dangling anymore and now we believe they are definitely gone. We are completely disconnected from that person – no cords left.

No matter whether you intend to cut the cords or “incinerate” them, you are setting an intention, hence that process will happen. Usually not immediately, but over time. At the end of the day we are human and emotions and connections won’t disappear instantaneously but if you intend to cut cords it will happen sooner or later. So be aware what you ask for. Could it be that you asked for it in a moment where you really felt hurt by somebody else? Has that person drained your energy and it really is time to say: stop! Nobody should be feeding off your energy! All they have to do is actively connect to the source, so they really don’t need your energy! For your highest good it is definitely necessary to stop any energy drain.

So what is my view on cutting cords: I believe instead of cutting our cords we should infuse them with unconditional love and light and ask for those cords to heal and for your relationship to heal and the experiences to heal. I believe once you intend healing with love and light, healing will take place. It might take a long time and the outcome might be completely different than expected but healing will take place for those cords and for the relationship. Healing could even mean to go separate ways or that it will happen in another lifetime (there are some particularly stubborn people out there!). Unconditional love and healing in a relationship can also mean leaving the relationship because it is for everyone’s highest good. Healing and infusing our cords with love and light might also brings us insights and knowledge that we would have not had before because it was all buried under darkened cords.

Even when you infuse cords with love and light and when you send healing to a relationship it might take time to see the healing take place, depending on how much needs to be healed and how deep it sits. Be patient. Sometimes it means that we need to give each other space in order to do that. All the experiences might have created a lot of pain and it takes time to release that pain. It is even important to understand that people often react and behave in certain ways because of fear, ego or pain and that their pain, their ego or their fear will not allow them to see how they are hurting somebody else. It is often also a way people protect themselves from being hurt.
In extreme cases you or they might even be fed thoughts by beings (also known as ahrimanic beings) that don’t have your highest good in mind. For some of us that is still difficult to believe but it can happen. Of course, there needs to be resonance – or a hook, that those beings can attach to. It’s always good to ask yourself if it truly is your thought and sometimes it might well be your thought but observe what happens with that thought. It is you who decides what direction it will take. Sometimes, it’s as simple as saying: this is not my thought.

If you feel somebody is feeding off your energy, then infuse the cords with unconditional love and light and then seal them. As I said, nobody should be feeding off your energy, no matter who it is. Whatever you ask for always include: may it be to everyone’s highest good.
That way you have at least intended love and light for your relationship with another person or for that person but you are also sending the message that the person needs to turn to the infinite and divine source for energy.

Please also remember unconditional love does not mean to allow others to treat us without respect. I do agree that is necessary to set boundaries. However, it is so important to learn to stay in our heart space and be able to give unconditional love. When we are in a challenging relationship – no matter with who, partner, parents, kids, boss, friends etc. then it certainly is very difficult to stay in our heart space because the other person might not be able to do the same – because of his/her conditioning, programing, experiences etc. For them it might be even more challenging to deal with a person who stays in the heart space than somebody who will lower the vibration as well and get into a big argument or power struggle.

Sometimes we might be so upset or disappointed with somebody or their actions that we really feel we want to cut all contact and cords with that person. In such a situation I believe it really is the best to take that step back and give yourself some space. Try and look at it from a distance. Sometimes when I am upset about somebody else I recognise that it’s my ego that is hurt because I cannot get hurt when I am in my heart space, where I only feel love. It takes practice to learn to detach from the ego and move in those moments into the heart space.

In some cases it might well be that a person is constantly draining us and feeding off our energy and they cannot see it. Then it might be necessary to point it out to them and if that does not help then perhaps we shouldn’t spend too much time around that person –  because it will drain us and lower our vibration.

Also, everyone is on their path where they are meant to be but sometimes also choose to be. Do not underestimate the power of free will! Another point to consider: there are no chance encounters and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we meet people for karmic purposes. Other times people come into our lives because we need to learn something from them or they are meant to learn something from us – or we learn from each other (which is usually the case). Again, keep the focus on yourself. It is your soul, your learnings, your life, your karma and your choice. It is up to you to be love and light. Everybody else has to make their own choices.

For me the most important message is to infuse everything with love and light and share our love and light. The moment we get into arguments, the moment we let our ego take over that very moment we lower our vibration and we no longer stay in our heart space and that very moment we no longer feed only our own dark side but we feed the collective dark side. That’s how big the impact is.
Also, as both Salvatore and I always like to say: when you are in your heart space, you cannot get hurt. From experience we can both confirm that it works.

Whoever is meant to and wants to stay in our life will stay and whoever is meant to and wants to leave our life will do so too.

I would also like to share a prayer by Saint Francis called the “servant of peace”. For me this has become such a powerful intention, affirmation and manifestation that I like to use it every day and even if I just recite a few lines of it. Snatam Kaur has also integrated it into one of her chants so you can also listen to it.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

Oh Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
It is in dying that we are born into eternal life.

For me the second part is even stronger because it really asks us to let go of our ego and move into our heart space, where we can give unconditional love without expectations and conditions.

Unconditional Love and light to all

Mirjana Power

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Newsletter August

The importance of collective energy

My dear Reiki friends,

I hope the summer is going well for everyone (I know for some it is winter!). I am spending some time in Ireland and the forecast for the whole week is rain. So feel free to send some sunshine my way!

Over the past months I became more and more aware of how wonderful and necessary collective energy is and it reminded me of a movie. I do not go to the cinema very often and I don’t watch many movies. Yet a few years ago I watched an amazing movie that inspired me. Avatar. My husband asked me after the movie: What would you call that movie? My answer was: a documentary.  For a start the message that came through for me was: reconnect with mother earth. Around the time I watched the movie, the oil spill in Mexico was an important topic.  I met a lady who organized a circle to gather our energies for mother earth. I was very upset at the time and felt strongly that mother earth needed our help.  Now, I still connect regularly with mother earth. Whenever I need help with grounding, whether it is for myself or somebody else I call on mother earth, Gaia. If you need help with grounding call on Gaia, visualize roots growing from your feet all the way to the core of the earth where mother earth holds those roots and grounds you.  Every time you meditate and ask for healing for yourself and others also ask for healing for Gaia. Our society still exploits and mistreats mother earth in so many different ways. Connect with her and send healing.

The second aspect of Avatar that I found absolutely amazing was the collective energy. I will never forget the scene at the end where all the avatars came together, sat down and connected their energies. It was so powerful and it taught us how important collective energy is and what we can achieve together. I would have just loved to join in!  I told you – it was a documentary.
In March I had a past life regression / channeling session. I was told at the time that I needed to meet with 2 other individuals to bring our energies together. The message was clear: the collective energy is important. Since then I have come to realize that the collective energy is even more important on a much bigger scale.  As a Reiki teacher I bring students together for classes but also continue to do so at our Reiki shares. It is a type of a healing circle for Reiki newbies as well as more advanced Reiki practitioners to come together and exchange Reiki. Anyone with Reiki can join our Reiki shares. It also is a meeting point for collective energy. By gathering all those beautiful light beings (avatars) who exchange healing we create more beautiful and healing energy and thus help raise our vibrations and also contribute to raising mother earth’s vibration, which increases the positive energy on our planet.
I encourage you to join Reiki shares in your hometowns if you are not doing so already. If you do not know of any, then check out the internet and different forums to find out if there are any nearby. You can also create your own shares. Be a creator! Even if it is just with another person in the beginning your circle may grow over time and your collective energy will contribute to raising the vibration of mother earth, which at this time is very important. At the end of every Reiki share we form a so called manifestation circle and everyone manifests something for the next month. If you do it in January you can also manifest it for the year. You can put into that circle (manifest) any positive change you would like to ask for – it can be healing (for you or other people), moving house/school/job, finding the love of your life, you can ask to give and receive unconditional love or ask for release of fears or whatever holds you back in life. You can choose what to ask for – as long as it is positive! The collective energy increases the manifestation power.

For my Reiki friends in Zürich – remember we meet on August 26 again to bring together our collective energy! The dates for upcoming Reiki classes can be found on !

If you would like to know why it is so important to raise our vibrations and the vibration of Gaia please read below. It resonated with me so I would like to share it. Again, our collective energy is important to strengthen the crystalline grid mentioned in this article!

If you haven’t watched Avatar, then please do. I can highly recommend it! This comes from a very selective and choosy movie person! My vision is that one day all the “avatars” living on this planet will connect their energies and it will be one powerful and amazing experience! To all my readers around the globe: Become that avatar and that link that we need to connect all our energies around mother earth!

Love and light


Music recommendation
If you would like a more jazzy approach to mantras listen to Krishna Kaur’s “Oh my foolish mind”

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Newsletter July

Mirjana Power – Primary Healing Newsletter July

Do you have a healthy ego?

Dear Reiki friends,

Finally the summer has arrived in Europe! I hope you are all enjoying it! I know many of my friends from Singapore have been travelling this summer as well. The last months have once again been an interesting experience on many levels. I have met more wonderful people and I am so grateful for being surrounded by such wonderful energies and hearts. It is so uplifting! The universe has also given me different learning tasks and led me through experiences that were sometimes new and other times just a reminder of my healing path and Reiki journey.

I have decided to write about the different types of ego this month. It is one topic that keeps reappearing in my life – with students, friends, family and myself and of course with anyone I meet. Recently I picked up two books and was amazed how they just included that topic although I had no idea that it would be the case when I bought the books.

The solar plexus is our powerhouse and that is also were our ego sits. I always tell my students that it is important to have a strong solar plexus – a strong powerhouse. However, when we look at the other chakras it should not overpower those chakras or stand out. It is important that all chakras are still equally strong. Most people have issues with the solar plexus – for different reasons. Some people have a weak solar plexus – and often that means also a weak ego. Can an ego be weak? Yes, it can. Some of us always just care about everyone else and try to please everyone else but completely forget about our own needs and wishes. We will bend over backwards to make everyone else happy and we never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Often we feel like saying ‘no’ but we just can’t do it because it might upset someone – it does not matter that it might not be good or right for us. We open our hearts wide and when we get hurt we feel disappointed.

Then there are those people with a big ego. Sometimes they are aware of it and other times they are totally oblivious to it – or would like to make people believe that they don’t even notice it. They take what they need, they drain us or they walk all over us and yet we often just standby and watch and let them get away with it. I sometimes see it happen in relationships. The partners with the bigger ego always want life to be completely fullfilled the way they are expecting it but they never ask themselves if the other partner is truly happy and if they have expecations that are not being fullfilled. The partners with the weaker ego often do not want to upset the other partner and would rather live with their own unhappiness.

Unfortunately even healers can develop big egos. I have met healers and heard about healers who have amazing gifts but start believing that they are unique and truly ‘special’. Just to remind everyone: we are all unique and special. Every single one of us is a powerful and beautiful light being. Some of us are already accessing that light within us and others are just learning and yet others will do so when the time is right for them. Some of us might have some ‘special gifts’ but they are given to serve humanity and help change the world – as I like to put it. Yet the ego gets in the way. Sometimes a big ego is also just a sign of insecurity. My learning path is to understand why the ego gets in the way and just accept that it is somebody elses’ learning path.

Finally there is also a healthy ego. Everyone should have that. It is important bo be able to set boundaries, say ‘no’ when we are not up for it but still have an open heart and know that we are ‘special’ without thinking that we are better, more knowledgable or more advanced than others. Everyone is good at something. One person might be a wonderful healer – although I believe the healer is really the person who receives Reiki as they choose their own healing – and the other person might be a wonderful cook and heal through getting people together and sharing delicious meals – or yummy chocolate cakes! The result can be the same. A great chat with a friend over a cup of tea can sometimes bring as much a release as a Reiki session.

Some thoughts resonate with us and some don’t. In either case I would like to invite you to think a bit about your ego. Is it too weak? Is it too big? Is it a healthy ego? Be honest with yourself. You are the only person who can change any issues related to your ego. You are responsible for your own happiness and you are responsible for your own ego. We all have a choice.

Love and light


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Newsletter May

Mirjana Power – Primary Healing Newsletter May

The Power of hugs

Dear Reiki friends,

I have decided to write this month about unconditional love and giving hugs as it is a topic that has been coming up quite a bit especially over the past month.

Recently I told my children how a group of people was giving free hugs on the streets of New York to anyone who was in need of one. My 6 year old daughter said: we should do that in Switzerland! Isn’t it beautiful how children think?
Having been in Zurich for almost a year I can see how people here would need free hugs too – well, I guess anyhere else in the world for that matter.
A few years ago I had an experience during a healing session where I experienced so much unconditional love that I gave the healer (who was a complete stranger to me) a massive hug and told him: “I feel so much love for you – I don’t want to let go of you.” It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I felt like I was in another world and I actually was.
Recently I have started to go through that experience again. First I got a hug from such a powerful and pure soul that again I felt I did not want to let go of that person and I think she is not even aware of the power of her hugs. As I have been doing quite a bit of healing over the past months in particular and connecting to the source deeper and deeper I have started to reach the state of feeling unconditional love. I cannot tell you what an incredible feeling it is. It feels like you are in another dimension. I walk around and all I feel is peace, happiness and love for everyone. I could stay in that state forever!
It has made me think how rarely people hug and yet many of us are in need of hugs – hugs that give us warmth, love and show us that somebody cares. We might even feel safe in such arms. As I have gone over to hugging people when I meet them it can be sometimes a surprise for people who meet me for the first time. In Switzerland the obligatory 3 kisses are expected from everyone. Now, in Ireland it is one, in Austria and other countries it is 2 and in Paris it is 4. Who can keep up with remembering how many kisses to give in the different countries? Hugs on the other hand are just hugs – you don’t need to rememeber how many to give! I admit not everyone is open to them. Some people don’t like them but the question is why are they scared of hugs?
What I have noticed over the last months was that a lot of blockages around the heart chakra have been appearing. I have had this strong feeling that people need to connect more with their hearts and thus open their hearts for healing. If we hug someone we automatically connect our hearts. If we truly give a warm hug filled with unconditional love we will experience a rather unique state of “not wanting to let go” but in a positive way! Think about it. When last did you give or receive from somebody a big hug? Your partner gets them and your children do, a friend, or your dog or your cat – or nobody really because you have forgotten about hugs? Is it a quick hug – hello and good-bye – or is it an “I love you from the bottom of my heart” hug?

My message for this month is: give someone a hug from the bottom of your heart! Let yourself fall into that hug. Switch off the brain! It can be anyone – your partner, your child, your friend, your mother, your neighbour, your cat or your dog or even a stranger who is in need of a hug. Feel it! Give it! Accept it! Try to reach that feeling “this is so beautiful, I don’t want to let go” and you are one step closer to the feeling of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Love and light


Currently one of my favourite songs – Ong Sohung by Snatam Kaur
I use it for my heart meditation. You can download it on or listen to it on

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Newsletter April

Love and light, Reiki classes, Vegan Recipes and free music - read on!

My dearest Reiki friends,

The last months have brought a massive growth process and lots of change into my life. I, the one, who does not like change, am suddenly starting to embrace it with the power given by love and light. This morning I felt that I had to put a newsletter together and send it out to the world.
I have held several Reiki classes here so far and every single soul that has come to them has turned out to be truly powerful. Some are at the start of the awakening process but progressing really fast and others are so advanced that I just sit there in awe. Their energies are beautiful and powerful. They come to me to meet and connect with the souls that they need to connect with right now.  Sometimes all I do is hold the space for them. And of course I also show them how Reiki and the connection to the pure and divine energy and source is going to change their lives, as that is what we do with Reiki. We connect to the source, which helps us heal on all levels.

Just this week we had the most amazing Reiki share. Imagine eight powerful souls in one room. There was so much beauty and energy that it brought tears to people’s eyes.  We created so much love and light that evening! Thank you to everyone who came to share their beautiful energies.
I also met my two wonderful soul sisters and when our three souls and hearts connect it is like a fountain of light. What an experience!

The message for this newsletter is to let go of your fears and open your heart. Let go of your ego and share your love and light with everyone around you. This message comes from Sanada Christ and it was beautifully channelled through Fran Zepeda as you can read in this article:

Everything you do should come from your heart. If we truly want to help change this earth and increase the love and light on this planet we have to work from our hearts.
Every time you give, truly give from your heart. 
Every time you share, truly share from your heart. 
Every time you speak, truly speak from your heart. 

Do not ask what you will get in return for your giving. Give unconditional love and you will receive unconditional love.

One of my students explained to me that the Earth has many large crystals buried in the earth, some of the stone formations left behind also contain high degrees of quartz. If you put out good energy it is amplified by these natural amplifiers, quartz is abundant in this earth.  We are all working to raise the collective consciousness, which is amplified in this way, this in essence forms the grid.
I have used this explanation for my children. I always remind them that we need to feed those crystals with our love and light, especially when they are screaming at each other! They love the story. You too could do the same. Every time you shout in anger, lose your trust in the divine or let your ego take over remind yourself that you need to feed the crystals and that you need to spread love and light for you are here to help mankind raise to the next level.

I would also like to share my facebook page with you where I will be adding more and more messages in the future:

Love and light


Free music every Friday: You can sign up on to receive one free song to download every Friday. Soon you will have a collection of beautiful spiritual music!

If you are looking for a birthday present, a CD for chanting or just to relax, please have a look at the CD selection below or on my CDs can be picked up at my place in Zurich, Leimbach.

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Newsletter December 2012

My dearest Reiki friends,

2012 has brought big changes into my life. After having spent  9 wonderful years in Singapore my family and I moved to Zurich in Switzerland. It was time to leave and start all over again, which was a big step to take for my family and me. I trusted that the universe was sending me to a new place to teach and share my knowledge about Reiki. In October I attended a Numerology course and it was fascinating to finally understand why throughout all my life I so often had to start all over again: It is in my numbers! At last I understood why it keeps happening and why I am not meant to stay in one place all my life. I would have not met all those new wonderful friends and students and I would have not made all those experiences thad made me grow more had I always stayed in one place.

You too might have experienced or witnessed big changes and shifts in your life or your friends’ and families’ life this year or even last year. Like in the year 1999 (move into the new millennium at the end of it) many relationships seem to have come to an end – especially those ones that had been together for many many years. I also felt that quite a lot of people were moving – for example leaving Singapore and shifting to different places. Job losses were also on the rise. For me it is a sign that a big shift is occurring in the universe. We are supposed to let go of what is no longer meant for us. Very often it is difficult to understand and accept that. It is difficult to trust the universe that something better or new is going to come. We hold on to the old patterns, toxic relationships and unhealthy habbits for the fear that we are worse off without them.
As the New Year is coming it is time to embrace the changes in your life and be open to themTrust that the universe will help when you ask for help and guidance. It will also help you make decisions and clear the clutter in your head when it gets too difficult. Just ask! Listen to your heart and to your intuition. Take some time to switch off that brain and sit in silence with calming music and believe that you can follow your inner voice. The time before Christmas is meant to be a time when we enjoy lighting candles, listening to Christmas songs, spending time with our family and eating lots of Christmas biscuits. Stop rushing around to try and find the perfect Christmas gifts. Christmas is not just about presents! Buy one present less and donate to people in need! Give back and share when the universe has blessed you with lots already :)

Aura Scan
In November I ran my first Reiki class in Zurich. It was a wonderful class as once again I had some amazing students and it was great to meet like minded people in a new city who share your love for Reiki. I tried out my new aura scanning system, which was a big hit amongst the students. We scanned the aura at the start of the class and again at the end (and many more times for fun during the 2 days) and it was great to see the changes that had occurred in chakras and auras. If you are interested in doing an aura/chakra scan (includes a soft copy report with 20 pages) please contact me at, visit my for more information or join a Reiki class.

Reiki classes: 
The schedule for upcoming Reiki classes is: 
January 19/20 – Reiki 1 in English, cost CHF350 (includes a manual,  Reiki CD, refreshments)
March 9/10 – Reiki 1 in German, cost CHF350 (includes a manual, Reiki CD, refreshments)
March 23/24 – Reiki 2 in English, cost CHF350 (includes a manual, refreshments)

I have decided to keep one space free in my classes for a participant who cannot afford to pay the costs. If you know anyone who is interested in attending a Reiki 1 class or would benefit from it and really does not have the financially means then please let me know:

Cost to sit in/repeat Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 is CHF150. If you intend to do a Reiki 2 class with me then I would appreciate if you could sit in my Reiki 1 class again.
To register please e-mail me at
All classes will be held in SilentPower in Altstetten, Zurich.

If you are still looking for a Christmas present please have a look at the CD selection below or on my  CDs can be picked up at my place in Zurich, Leimbach.  Snatam Kaur has also released a new album with Peter Kater (piano) called “Heart of the Universe”. Beautiful! My favourite song on it:  Carry me.

For everyone who is celebrating Christmas:

I wish you a peaceful and blessed 
filled with love and light!


I wish everyone a beautiful start in the New Year with lots of light, happiness and laughter! Embrace the changes and challenges and ask the universe for help and guidance! 

Mirjana Power

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Aura Chakra Report

In March a student of mine took me to a new shop in the Siglap shopping centre (on the 2nd floor – take the escalator and it is on your left). I will have to be forever grateful for that. The shop is called The auraMATHERAPY SHOP and it is run by Selina and Vincent. Ever since I have been there I have sent Reiki friends and students there, took my kids there and told all other friends about it. If you have ever wanted to know what your aura looks like and how balanced (or not) your chakras are then you really have to visit this place. Selina has a wealth of knowledge and she will tell you where you are in life and what you need to look out for – which chakras need extra care and which chakras are doing quite well. Looking at the aura she can even tell you in what type of profession you are. The aura will also tell if you are perhaps meant to do something else… You also receive a folder with a 22 page report explaining the state of  your aura and chakras, so you can go home and read about it! The cost for this amazing (and possibly life changing) amount of information is SGD48. That includes 2 pictures – one of your aura, one of your chakras, a 22 page report and about half an hour consultation where the report is being explained to you. I say life changing because you might find out some information that was new to you (like I did with my daughter), you might hear that it is time to be brave enough to let go of old structures you are unhappy with and start listening to your heart!

You can also take your children there. It does not have to be just for you!

Go and check it out:

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Aquarian age


On you can now also find CDs for Reiki and Snatam Kaur’s most beautiful CDs that can be used as music to relax, to meditate or to chant or for yoga- including her latest release Ras inspired by her deep love and sense of responsibility for the environment.
Also included is her CD “feeling good today” for children. Those CDs are a lovely present for yourself, a birthday, Christmas or just to show your friendship :)


Success in the Aquarian Age
by Catalyst Yogi, Spirit Voyage.

Turning ME into WE – Success in the Aquarian Age

As we come closer to this new age of enlightenment, the whole notion of success is being turned upside down. Success in the Piscean Age was measured by the accumulation of material things, money, credentials, physical beauty and status. Basically, success was a constant struggle to be ‘better’ than everyone else. Success was defined by the ego – I worked hard and made it all happen – I created my success. Success was mine.

While it’s true that in the Piscean Age, individual consciousness (a motivated ego and a strong third chakra) accomplished many things, this is no longer the case. We have reached the end of the road. We have taken our human evolution as individual egos as far as we can without destroying ourselves.

The ego is losing its power and control. You may have noticed in your own life that the old ways of doing things no longer produce the same results. Struggling, pushing, working harder and longer hours bring nothing but stress and illness. You just try to go faster ~ to get ahead ~ like a hamster on a wheel wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere.

Attempting to do everything on your own only brings frustration and blocks at every turn. That is because the rules of the game have changed and as the Hopis teach us, ”The time of the lone wolf is over”.

Group consciousness is now the only way to move energy, create change and feel successful. The truth of this will be felt more with each passing month and year.

Facebook reflects this change. Notice how fast people can gather, rally for a cause and create something together. This all feels effortless within the construct of group consciousness. Today, it is more important than ever to align yourself with a group of people that share your vision to serve the whole of humanity. The pressure is on and the ego will want to keep you separate and isolated from others. When you start to feel isolated, depressed or withdrawn spend time with conscious groups of people to feel supported and uplifted through these times.

Success in the Aquarian Age is determined by the Spirit not the ego and the Spirit longs only to serve. Your success will be measured by how many people you serve ~ how many people you help to manifest their dreams of happiness and success. Your success is now forever tied to the success of others

Here is a great place to begin. When you see others succeeding and serving humanity reach out and cheer them on! It is only the ego’s pride that holds you back – and the belief in the ego’s story that somehow you will be diminished if you applaud someone else.

The equation of the Aquarian Age is your success = my success = OUR success. The ego resists the truth that we as a humanity are interdependent and on this crazy ride into the Aquarian Age together. Tune into your Soul and feel the Joy in that statement – you are not alone.

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My life purpose

Having spent the last years focusing on energy healing and developing my skills within that area it came as a surprise that recently I had to ask myself: what is my life purpose? I thought I knew it. I thought it was energy healing. It can’t be that it suddenly would have had to change. After spending lots of time reflecting on what the universe was  trying to tell me and what my life purpose was I came to the conclusion that my life purpose had not really changed. What had changed was the direction I was going. I had to make clear to myself where my priorities were and who I was.

I was born a healer and I still am a healer. Throughout my whole life I was helping people – in various ways and I always wanted to help people. At some point in life I got a bit frustrated. My mistake was that I expected other people do be like I – and I still do sometimes. I had to learn a few painful lessons but those lessons made me feel more free. Those lessons also made me realize that I needed to go my own way.

My life purpose is now more than ever to help people. Now I can give them even tools to help themselves by teaching them Reiki.

My life purpose is to help prepare our new generation for what lies ahead of them. They were born more connected yet they are struggling to keep that connection because they are misunderstood. They have to challenge governments and the status quo. They have to make an impact in order to make the world a better place.

My life purpose is to be a mother, a wife, a healer and a teacher.

I invite you to become one of my students and clients.



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