I hope you are doing well with the November energies. I know some of us are going through a phase were we either need to reflect and go inside or feel like we have ended up in the wrong place and truly miss “home”. I have been through both phases only to shift into a more peaceful state again. Every time I miss “home” I put my awareness on the primary and infinite source and every time I feel more at peace again. I know I am being loved down here in my 3D home but also back “home” where my true origins are.

Over the past months I have spent a lot of time learning more about the matrix and its “programs” as I call them. It’s been an interesting journey and I have met new “messengers” along the way but also some more soul connections. As you know, I believe everybody has a message for me and everything and everyone brings an experience. Each experience has its purpose – mainly to learn and to remember to love unconditionally, no matter what. It feels like I have come full circle over the past year – always back to unconditional love :) What I had to learn this year is to understand what prevents us from giving and receiving unconditional love.

I would like you to take even just 5-10 minutes to sit down, close your eyes and imagine our planet earth as the Garden of Eden, because it was meant to be the Garden of Eden. How would you imagine that Garden? What would it look like?
Remove all technology from it. What would it look like if we were all the same? What would Earth look like if we had no religions? What would our Earth look like if we realized that the same blood flows through our bodies? What would our planet look like if there were no borders, no countries and we all spoke the same language? What would our planet look and feel like if we didn’t see skin colours but only beings of pure love and light?
How would Mother Earth feel if we used from her only what we truly needed rather than what our greed decided to take?

I would like you to imagine an amazing planet Earth, a beautiful, loving and warm pulsation of Gaia reminding us that we are part of her. I would like you to imagine that separation is an illusion. It does not exist and we all live in peace and harmony. Feel it in your heart, feel it in every cell of your body. There is no separation. Feel how we are all the same, how we are all connected and how we are all one. Just feel it. Feel the incredible amount of love that connects us all and that we all share for each other. Stay in that moment and feeling as long as you like and just be :)

Ask yourself: Why is it no like that on Earth? What truly happened with the Garden of Eden? Can we ever go back to it? The answer is, yes we can. It will happen when every single one of us is ready to awaken to the truth: separation is an illusion. If you wonder what ascension is about, then know, that I have just given you the answer. As long as humanity believes in separation and believes in the “ego” we cannot shift as a whole into the higher dimension. What is happening though is that slowly but surely more and more of us are experiencing the higher dimension and are going “beyond the veil” of separation. The matrix does keep pulling us back of course but the aim is to increasingly detach from the ego and from the illusion and to live your true essence of unconditional love and light.

For many it is difficult to believe that there are forces at work that not only created the separation but are putting a tremendous effort into keeping us separated on every single level. Remember, we are even “cutting cords” to separate! Over the past months I learnt through what extent those forces are going to keep us separated – even the lightworkers. Everything and truly think about it – absolutely everything in our lives is set up to keep us distracted and to keep our focus on the outside and from preventing us from going inside. Even lightworkers end up being distracted in so many ways and either their fear levels are being raised or their ego is being fed (we are all human down here!) – all in an attempt to keep us separated. Imagine what our world would look like if all lightworkers truly united and remembered their true essence and their purpose of the incarnation! Unfortunately many end up “cutting cords” as well. We are all connected and we are all one. Any lightworker who works with or for the true light will remember: the true light is forgiving and the true light is nothing but pure unconditional love and every single one of us is part of that true light and part of that unconditional love. However, in the matrix we are all part of a “program”. Always remember that!

All I can say is: it is free will. I have had some really challenging experiences over time even with my closest soul connections and I might say with them in particular. However, no matter how much I perceived in some moments that they hurt me – and it is up to me to believe that I am hurt (=ego!) – in the end I still love them. Everyone is as much part of me as I am of them.
This is a brief reminder: please remember, you are feeding into the collective consciousness with your words and actions.

If you would like to know more about the evolution of Planet Earth and the forces interfering then I can recommend the book “No more secrets no more lies” by Patricia Cori.

Countless healing techniques are available and the majority of them will claim it is the “be all and end all”. I have tried out several only to come to the conclusion that every single one has “a truth” in it and has its benefits but they tend to put the focus on the outside – on somebody else healing you. In that way you are constantly giving your power away. However, I still believe that we all need some assistance and energy boost from time to time, simply because we get stuck, tired and perhaps even exhausted from the lower density vibrational energies of the matrix. So, I am absolutely grateful for everyone who is volunteering as a channel for energy and sharing their unconditional love and light.

As I felt we needed to look more inside, I decided to create a new course called “primary healing” where we work directly with the primary and infinite source. The course will be constantly evolving. In the first level the focus is on YOU and on your own healing. You have the power to heal yourself. The other focus is to remember who you are and what your true essence is. You are an infinite being of unconditional love and light – everybody is. The course is about going inside (and beyond the veil) but it also aims at creating an awareness what prevents us from going inside. I encourage the course participants to see the love and light in everyone rather than what I call the “program”.
Everything the course participants do, every technique I share with them, every tool I give them, is used for their own healing, growth and for them to remember who they are and to reawaken their connection to the primary and infinite source. The energy that is created when we all connect at the same time is amazing but of course as we connect to the source we experience the oneness not only with the source but also with each other. I must admit I could spend the weekend just bathing in that oneness (the Garden of Eden…) and perhaps that’s what we’ll do some day :) Imagine though, what our world would be like and feel like if we all connected to the source and to each other. Well, we all are! It is just that we believe we are separated and through such beliefs we create a reality of separation rather than one of oneness. So I encourage you to stop believing that any of us is different from the other.

Level 2 of primary healing is then about being the channel for others and for the nurturing, loving and healing energy from the primary and infinite source. While I still practice hands-on healing I have also learnt through the Arcturian Healing method to just purely channel energy and not touch the client at all, which we do anyway when we send energy to somebody else. Remember the energy is intelligent and knows where to go and I have had such amazing experiences with that method.

At the end I would also like to share with you an experience I had with self-healing. Recently I had a sore throat. After spending hours on the ice-skating rink in the sunshine I came home and had a truly sore throat but also could no longer speak – not even whisper. As my family can tell you I was just making funny noises. I sat down and told myself: I can heal myself. I asked the source to project energy on my throat and I also used a method from the Arcturian healing to place energy specifically into the throat area. I then took a nap and let the energies work while I was resting. Within 2 hours I went from not being able to speak and a very sore throat to having my voice back and barely feeling any discomfort in my throat. 2 hours!
Imagine what I could have done instead: feel sorry for myself, take painkillers and end up with the doctor and possibly antibiotics.
And why the sore throat? I guess the true light was reminding me to ensure I speak my truth from the heart and not from the mind :)

Imagine what our world would look like if we understood that separation is an illusion, if we had no fears, no worries and no ego. If you want to create that reality and if you want to assist in creating the Garden of Eden, then start detaching from all of that and stop believing that true happiness can be found outside :) It is all inside :)

Unconditional love and light

Mirjana Power
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