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Do you have a healthy ego?

Dear Reiki friends,

Finally the summer has arrived in Europe! I hope you are all enjoying it! I know many of my friends from Singapore have been travelling this summer as well. The last months have once again been an interesting experience on many levels. I have met more wonderful people and I am so grateful for being surrounded by such wonderful energies and hearts. It is so uplifting! The universe has also given me different learning tasks and led me through experiences that were sometimes new and other times just a reminder of my healing path and Reiki journey.

I have decided to write about the different types of ego this month. It is one topic that keeps reappearing in my life – with students, friends, family and myself and of course with anyone I meet. Recently I picked up two books and was amazed how they just included that topic although I had no idea that it would be the case when I bought the books.

The solar plexus is our powerhouse and that is also were our ego sits. I always tell my students that it is important to have a strong solar plexus – a strong powerhouse. However, when we look at the other chakras it should not overpower those chakras or stand out. It is important that all chakras are still equally strong. Most people have issues with the solar plexus – for different reasons. Some people have a weak solar plexus – and often that means also a weak ego. Can an ego be weak? Yes, it can. Some of us always just care about everyone else and try to please everyone else but completely forget about our own needs and wishes. We will bend over backwards to make everyone else happy and we never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Often we feel like saying ‘no’ but we just can’t do it because it might upset someone – it does not matter that it might not be good or right for us. We open our hearts wide and when we get hurt we feel disappointed.

Then there are those people with a big ego. Sometimes they are aware of it and other times they are totally oblivious to it – or would like to make people believe that they don’t even notice it. They take what they need, they drain us or they walk all over us and yet we often just standby and watch and let them get away with it. I sometimes see it happen in relationships. The partners with the bigger ego always want life to be completely fullfilled the way they are expecting it but they never ask themselves if the other partner is truly happy and if they have expecations that are not being fullfilled. The partners with the weaker ego often do not want to upset the other partner and would rather live with their own unhappiness.

Unfortunately even healers can develop big egos. I have met healers and heard about healers who have amazing gifts but start believing that they are unique and truly ‘special’. Just to remind everyone: we are all unique and special. Every single one of us is a powerful and beautiful light being. Some of us are already accessing that light within us and others are just learning and yet others will do so when the time is right for them. Some of us might have some ‘special gifts’ but they are given to serve humanity and help change the world – as I like to put it. Yet the ego gets in the way. Sometimes a big ego is also just a sign of insecurity. My learning path is to understand why the ego gets in the way and just accept that it is somebody elses’ learning path.

Finally there is also a healthy ego. Everyone should have that. It is important bo be able to set boundaries, say ‘no’ when we are not up for it but still have an open heart and know that we are ‘special’ without thinking that we are better, more knowledgable or more advanced than others. Everyone is good at something. One person might be a wonderful healer – although I believe the healer is really the person who receives Reiki as they choose their own healing – and the other person might be a wonderful cook and heal through getting people together and sharing delicious meals – or yummy chocolate cakes! The result can be the same. A great chat with a friend over a cup of tea can sometimes bring as much a release as a Reiki session.

Some thoughts resonate with us and some don’t. In either case I would like to invite you to think a bit about your ego. Is it too weak? Is it too big? Is it a healthy ego? Be honest with yourself. You are the only person who can change any issues related to your ego. You are responsible for your own happiness and you are responsible for your own ego. We all have a choice.

Love and light


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