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The Power of hugs

Dear Reiki friends,

I have decided to write this month about unconditional love and giving hugs as it is a topic that has been coming up quite a bit especially over the past month.

Recently I told my children how a group of people was giving free hugs on the streets of New York to anyone who was in need of one. My 6 year old daughter said: we should do that in Switzerland! Isn’t it beautiful how children think?
Having been in Zurich for almost a year I can see how people here would need free hugs too – well, I guess anyhere else in the world for that matter.
A few years ago I had an experience during a healing session where I experienced so much unconditional love that I gave the healer (who was a complete stranger to me) a massive hug and told him: “I feel so much love for you – I don’t want to let go of you.” It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I felt like I was in another world and I actually was.
Recently I have started to go through that experience again. First I got a hug from such a powerful and pure soul that again I felt I did not want to let go of that person and I think she is not even aware of the power of her hugs. As I have been doing quite a bit of healing over the past months in particular and connecting to the source deeper and deeper I have started to reach the state of feeling unconditional love. I cannot tell you what an incredible feeling it is. It feels like you are in another dimension. I walk around and all I feel is peace, happiness and love for everyone. I could stay in that state forever!
It has made me think how rarely people hug and yet many of us are in need of hugs – hugs that give us warmth, love and show us that somebody cares. We might even feel safe in such arms. As I have gone over to hugging people when I meet them it can be sometimes a surprise for people who meet me for the first time. In Switzerland the obligatory 3 kisses are expected from everyone. Now, in Ireland it is one, in Austria and other countries it is 2 and in Paris it is 4. Who can keep up with remembering how many kisses to give in the different countries? Hugs on the other hand are just hugs – you don’t need to rememeber how many to give! I admit not everyone is open to them. Some people don’t like them but the question is why are they scared of hugs?
What I have noticed over the last months was that a lot of blockages around the heart chakra have been appearing. I have had this strong feeling that people need to connect more with their hearts and thus open their hearts for healing. If we hug someone we automatically connect our hearts. If we truly give a warm hug filled with unconditional love we will experience a rather unique state of “not wanting to let go” but in a positive way! Think about it. When last did you give or receive from somebody a big hug? Your partner gets them and your children do, a friend, or your dog or your cat – or nobody really because you have forgotten about hugs? Is it a quick hug – hello and good-bye – or is it an “I love you from the bottom of my heart” hug?

My message for this month is: give someone a hug from the bottom of your heart! Let yourself fall into that hug. Switch off the brain! It can be anyone – your partner, your child, your friend, your mother, your neighbour, your cat or your dog or even a stranger who is in need of a hug. Feel it! Give it! Accept it! Try to reach that feeling “this is so beautiful, I don’t want to let go” and you are one step closer to the feeling of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Love and light


Currently one of my favourite songs – Ong Sohung by Snatam Kaur
I use it for my heart meditation. You can download it on or listen to it on

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